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KN95 Disposable Face Mask (Please email [email protected] for bulk purchases)

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Part Number: kn95-disposable-face-mask
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Product is tested according to the standard of EN149: 2001, classification is FFP2. 
Model: EH
Specification: Ear Loops
Advantage: Easy to wear, breathable and pollution-proof
Key performance: The filtering efficiency of the mask on non-oily particles is >=95%

R&D background for Mask: Safe Secure has aways focused on infection control field, caring for the patients in the world, and loving health care providers. It coincided with the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan City, which is the period when the global protection products are urgently needed.

Design concept: Its working principle is to filter the harmful air with filter material of mask and then clean air can be inhaled or exhaled.

CERTIFICATIONS: Safe and Secure is FDA approved and ISO certified - ISO13485.

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